7 Barbie Hollywood Dolls You Didn’t Know Existed

The collector’s section in the Barbie website has the most varied Barbie dolls you can imagine. From classic vintage inspired Barbies to Pop Culture icons, there’s everything possible. Specially attractive to collectors are the Barbie Hollywood style dolls. There is something special in having your idol in Barbie format to complete your collection. From classical… Read More »

10 Barbie Instagram Pictures That Show Her Life is Better Than Ours

We all imagined that Barbie’s life was full of glamorous parties and gatherings. Now we can be sure thanks to the Barbie Instagram that Mattel has created. In her Instagram account, Barbie poses in different cities, goes to expensive stores and relaxes in the most exclusive spas. It might seem like an odd idea to check… Read More »

Hijarbie: Inspirational Multicultural Barbie OOAK Clothing

It is well known that Barbie dolls are taking some important steps towards diversity. Sending a positive message to children through the toys with which they play is really important. Playing with diverse toys, kids learn more about other cultures and lifestyles from a youger age. Despite this attempts to make dolls with an increasin… Read More »

Hyper Realistic Art Dolls That Look Like Real Toddlers

Norwegian artist Sissel Björstad Skille is very talented when it comes to making realistic art dolls. Her creations look exactly like real children. She knows how to capture exactly their facial expression and the freshness of their personality. Sissel’s dolls, however, are not meant to be for children, they are too delicate and have been made… Read More »